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RP Character List

Okay, please keep in mind that I don't actually DO much with a lot of these characters. They just exist for great justice and memes and shit. Some of them are not fully realised because I might not have finished their canons (*coughSandrycough*).

This list organized by fandom, with OCs at the bottom. If the character in question has a journal, it will be listed after their names. Fandom OCs go under their fandom.

If you know of a headvoice I have who is not on this list, please comment to remind me. I'd like to keep this up to date as best I can.

Ace Attorney
-Trucy Wright (lawismagical)

Avatar: The Last Airbender
-Toph Bei Fong (heartheearth)

bare: a Pop Opera
-Ivy Robinson (stopatakiss)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer (and A:tS)
-Anya Jenkins (gomoneygo)
-Buffy Summers
-Dawn Summers (AU)(nibbletvamp)
-Faith LeHane
-Willow Rosenberg (computermagic)

Burn Notice
-Fiona Glennane (triggerhappyex)

-Alexis Castle (babycastle)
-Rick Castle

Chess: the Musical
-Anatoly Sergievsky (lovemeandbleed)
-Florence Vassey (standsbychamp)
-Ilona Sergievsky (OC)(littleilona)
-Katya Sergievsky (OC)

Circle of Magic
-Sandry fa Toren

Criminal Minds
-Emily Prentiss
-Penelope Garcia (oracleofall)
-Spencer Reid

Devil May Cry

Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along Blog (please note that I consider this to be the same canon as Buffy)
-Dr. Horrible/Billy Baxter (hereigomumbling)
-Penny (hopeallimhoping)

Doctor Who (and spinoffs)
-Ace McShane (nitronine)
-Amelia Pond (AU)(bitfairytale)
-Amy Pond (bitfairytale)
-Cara (OC)(notloomed)
-The Doctor
--Human!Ten (ahumanlife)
--AU!Eleven (alwayscoward)
--Eleven ([personal profile] madmanwithbox/madmanwithbox)
-Gwen Cooper (goodatgoogle)
-Ianto Jones
-Jack Harkness
-Jaz Tyler (OC)(torchwoodraised)
-Maria Jackson
--SJA-era (weallendupalone)
--Uni-age (youngxmistress)
-Martha Jones (AU)(lookedtwice)
-The Master (tatatadum)
-Reinette Poisson
-Romana (AU)(lasttimelady)
-Rose Tyler
--Series One-era (theresme)
--Series Two-era (fantasticrose)
--Voodoo-verse (AU)
--Handlebars-verse (AU)(likeitsgoodtobe)
-Sally Sparrow (wontblink)
-Sarah Jane Smith (Classic Who)
-SJ Tyler (OC)(bleddyndrwg)
-The TARDIS (retro_box)

The Dresden Files
-Karrin Murphy (sgtkmurphy)
-Molly Carpenter ([ profile] padawanwizard)

Ella Enchanted (novel)
-Ella of Frell ([personal profile] giftofobedience/giftofobedience)

-Giselle (beendreamingof)

Feeling Electric
-Diana Brown (fallingforgood)
-Gabriel Brown (AU)(idreamedadance)
-Natalie Brown

-April (OC)(xiaomei_mei)
-Kaylee Frye (anaturaltalent)

-Astrid Farnsworth
-Peter Bishop

Harry Potter
-Ginny Weasley
-Lily Evans
-Nymphadora Tonks (rainbowmage)
-Remus Lupin (themoonburning)
-Sirius Black (borntobepad)

Iron Man (the movie)
-Pepper Potts (tieshisshoes)

Jesus Christ Superstar
-Judas Iscariot (AU)(ionlywannaknow)

Kingdom Hearts
-Naminé (bindingmemories)
-Roxas ([ profile] iammyself)

The Last 5 Years
-Jamie Wellerstein (offinjamieland)

-Sophie Devereaux

Life on Mars
-Annie Cartwright (wedontjump)

Lord of the Rings
-Pippin Took
-Sam Gamgee

-Shaun Mason (badplanchaser)

October Daye
-Toby Daye

Pirates of the Caribbean
-Elizabeth Turner (brethrenking)

-April Foster ([ profile] faerietalegirl/artistseyes, formerly fallen_april)
-April Grey
-Mark Cohen (various 'verses)
-Mimi Marquez
-Roger Davis (various 'verses)

REPO: The Genetic Opera
-Marni Wallace (and_marni)
-Shilo Wallace

Sailor Moon (manga and anime)
-Aino Minako/Sailor Venus (loveidol/ihavemyownmanga)
-Tsukino Usagi/Sailor Moon

Sparrow Hill Road
-Rose Marshall (sparrowhillrose)

Sports Night
-Natalie Hurley (special_powers)

Studio 60
-Matt Albie (intendedcomedy)
-Suzanne Astin (omniscient_pa)

-Dean Winchester (AU)(andgodiknow)
-Jo Harvelle
-Sam Winchester
--Canon (up through s3 or so)
--Samantha-verse (AU)(girlhuntsdemons)

all Tortall series'
-Alanna of Trebond and Olau
-Beka Cooper
-Daine Sarrasri (magelet_daine)
-Kora Ingensra (threadmagic)
-Matthias Tunstall

all Valdemar
-Stefan (theheraldsbard)
-Tylendel Frelennye (diedaherald)

Veronica Mars
-Lily Kane
-Veronica Mars

-Jenna Hunterson (gonnamakeapie)

White Collar
--Elizabeth Burke

Wicked (book and musical)
-Elphaba Thropp (musical)
-Galinda Upland (either)

World of Warcraft
--Jaina Proudmoore
-Player Characters
--Avrilys Flamesinger
--Lisan Carpenter
--Haddie Highcrag
--Iestyn Argall
--Mattie Twilsprocket
--Rathnait Summersong/Rathnait Ó Braonáin
--Summer Lightwalker ([personal profile] bethemayqueen/bethemayqueen)

Original Characters
-Adelaide Hunt (putthedevilinme)
-Becky Trapper (worseforfears)
-Carmela Pavia (magicinmyblood)
-Cecily Breaux
--Modern girl (r_h_g)
--Shadow City immortal (prophetsdoppel)
-Ceit Kelastor (littlestarfire)
-Cory Bukowski (alwaysfollowsme)
-Dusty Baker (please_see_me)
-Karma (karmabitches)
-Mat Wallace
--OaS-verse (guardsintheory)
-Mona (monamadonna)
-November-37.Denver "Ember" (ember37denver)
-Tay Barnam
--Breakable-verse (archangelet)
--In Theory-verse (AU)(angelinfact)
--10 Things-verse (tempestuousbtch)

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