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Oh, look... I exist. >_>

So, yeah, I fail at updating this blog. Er. Sorry?

So FOR MY BIRTHDAY last week, my parents got me (drumroll) the boxed set of ALL THREE Extended Edition Lord of the Rings DVDs. :D And watching all the special features (and watching all three films back to back with my grandmother this weekend) has really rekindled my passion for it. I fell out of the fandom mostly when I started having issues with religion and sexuality the summer after I graduated high school, and I never quite made it back, moving forward from fandom to fandom. But to this day, LotR remains the fandom I was involved with the most deeply and the longest, and I've missed it desperately, I've found.

So I've re-begun my scholarship of the Elvish languages and lettering (beginning with Quenya, the older, original version, because that seems like a logical place to start), am planning to use most of my birthday money on books if I can (namely the History of Middle Earth series, but also The Silmarillion, The Unfinished Tales, and The Letters of J.R.R. Tolkien), have re-introduced myself to my old forums, and am generally being a huge geek.

And NOW, after my first plane (all of 30 minutes from Colo Springs to Denver, wtf?), I'm doing research into other aspects of language and writing in Middle Earth, and looking to see if there's a linguistics or medieval studies program at any of the schools near me. XD

Yes, I'm a giant Tolkien geek and I know it.

Anyway, I'm alive, I'm geeking out over Tolkien, and will be home tomorrow morning.

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