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Beka talked like an alien, and it was BRILLIANT
03 December 2010 @ 05:14 pm
Dear Yuletide Recipient:

I really really like your prompt. I am BURNING with the desire to write it, and write it WELL. Unfortunately, the amount of knowledge of a field outside pretty much ANY of my experience would require both multiple beta readers WITH experience, and more research than I can handle in such a short timeframe.

This doesn't mean I won't write it. Oh, no, I am doing my best. But I apologise, because all my knowledge has been derived from one romantic comedy film and a couple episodes of various TV shows, so the accuracy is going to be utter SHIT.

I am sorry, but hopefully you can look beyond the discrepancies and enjoy the relationship that's framed within. I think you'll like it, even if it won't be as epic and amazing as I wish it could be.

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Beka talked like an alien, and it was BRILLIANT
14 November 2010 @ 07:17 pm
Hello Yuletide Author!

So, if you got me, I am PSYCHED, because OMG, none of these fandoms have much written for them. So you pretty much rock on principle. :D I'll go over some general notes for me and fic, and then move on to specific requests - but really, as long as you're not writing me PWP or a fic with a focus on smut (I'm not the biggest fan, honestly - I like a good smutty scene or three or five, but only if they're part of a bigger story), then we'll be good. ;)

So, in general, I'll take... pretty much anything. Angst? Bring it. Fluff? Absolutely Torture? Surprisingly fun. AUs? I've known good ones - be discerning, though, no generic High School AUs. Death? GO FOR IT! My only caveat is if you're writing Enchanted, it has to have a HAPPY ending. Because Enchanted is my happy shiny fun place where I go when I have bad days. You can torment and break them all you like, as long as they're happy at the end.

Toby and Rose have no such caveats. ;)

Sparrow Hill Road If you are AWESOME ENOUGH to be writing for this fandom, then I will worship you for all time, just because it's... pretty much non-existant, to my knowledge, and it will make me epic happy to know it exists. I... really have no specific requests for this one, just ROSE. Some snarky 1st person narration, a little bit of excitement, at least one stranger's coat - maybe the wrong stranger. ;) You go wild, write whatever SHR fic you want to write - I can pretty much guarantee I'll love it.

Toby Daye Okay, lucky for you if you got this fandom, I actually have a vague idea of what I'd like (if you so desire) so you're not writing in the vacuum of SHR. XD I'd like Toby, and Quentin (who was, for some reason, not on the list of characters) with optional (but highly adored) cameos/leading role by Tybalt. It would be cool if there were at least an ASPECT of Toby coming to terms with her (pretty obvious, you've gotta admit) attraction to Tybalt - if not liking it or acting on it, at least admitting it to herself. I don't particularly want introspection, though, so that's not too big a deal. I'd like an adventure. It doesn't have to be as wickedly complicated as Seanan's amazing plots, because gods know I'd never be able to pull that off and I don't expect you to be able to either - the woman's got SKILLS. I also think she might be an alien. Or possibly a robot. Regardless, something a little actiony, a little death-defying. It can be funny fluffy action, it can be dark angsty action, it can be action that mostly takes a backseat to Toby and Tybalt having AWESOME BANTER. I just don't want a mainly introspective fic.

Enchanted If ever I had an OTP, it would be Giselle/Robert. If you want to have additional pairings (threesomes and triangles rock!) that is fine, but I do want Giselle/Robert. they are my happy. Maybe something to do with Nancy, or Giselle really acclimating to our world, or maybe some horrible villain from Andalasia kidnaps her and Robert has to go swashbuckling through HER world to rescue her (only to find, of course, that she's rescued herself at the end - she's tougher than she looks, after all). It can be happy and funny, or you can take it dark if you like, just, as I said at the beginning, make sure it ends happy. ^^

Anyway, I'm sure I will like ANYTHING you put in front of me. :) AND if you'd like clarification or maybe further prompts (I'm not sure what the Yuletide stance is on this) I DO have anonymous commenting active, so you can ask away and I shall answer. :)

Much love,
Beka ([archiveofourown.org profile] starletfallen)

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Beka talked like an alien, and it was BRILLIANT
12 November 2010 @ 04:08 pm
So, uh. Hi. I've been pretty scarce lately, though I HAVE been keeping up with my DW reading list. I suppose my fleeting desire to blog has mostly been filled by my WoW blog lately. On that note, I've been questioning why exactly I've tried to keep my "Real Life" and my WoW life so separate - mostly because I've started becoming comfortable enough with my friends there that I HAVE been doing things like linking them to this blog (not from my WoW blog, but I have) and so forth. I think, really, it was a large amount of feeling embarrassed for having a WoW blog at all.

The thing is, though, that (despite hardware issues that might make raiding an impossibility in the new expansion) WoW has taken a higher priority in how I spend my free time than it used to, higher than some things that used to be the most important things in the world to me. It's a bit disconcerting, but... it's part of my life. I'll still keep WoW stuff to a minimum here, but I suppose if any of you are curious as to what I blog about in my WoW blog, I will provide a link here:

Azeroth Apple - that's my blog. I go by Apple in those circles. The funny thing is, I spend so much time with them that sometimes I find myself referring or almost referring to myself as "Apple" among people who don't even call me that. Rambling Apple is rambling. Heh.

Anyway, that's how I've been spending most of my recreational time. Work is still awesome, so there's actually not much to say there, other than my coworkers (other than my one Coworker Fail) are amazing and I've never had so much fun on a job in my life.

I've been doing Nano, too. I hit 25k towards the beginning of the week and... sputtered out. I keep meaning to write, but... I don't know. I'll probably pick back up tomorrow, I just needed to pull back so I didn't fry my brain, I think. Instead, I've been watching movies and crocheting. I made Aub a pair of fingerless gloves, since I still haven't finished the pair I started knitting last year, and now I'm working on a jacket for my mum.

I spent an obscene amount of money on yarn so I could crochet a birthday/christmas present. For my MUM. Who I don't always even get along with. Who has in the past said HORRIBLE things about me and my loved ones, based on sexuality or religion. And yet... I was struck by the overwhelming urge to do it, out of nowhere. My dad's sending me money to compensate for that obscene amount spent on yarn, so that's nice, but still - where did it even come from?

In my heart, I still believe that the sudden, out-of-the-blue nagging drive to... call someone or give a gift or just say "I love you" is more than just a random thought in your brain. Mum would say it's the Holy Spirit - I wouldn't say it's necessarily only that. I think it could be one of many things - a subconscious empathic intuition, a deity, a friendly spirit of some sort, echoes from the future. I don't know. My mum is going to need this coat, this gift from me - not because she needs the item, but because she needs to know I love her, that I'd put a lot of effort into something for her. I don't know why, but... /shrug. I guess that's just how it is. So I'm working on it, making a very pretty cardigan/jacket/thing in her favourite shade of blue.

...and that's what I've been doing, internet. How are you today?

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Beka talked like an alien, and it was BRILLIANT
08 October 2010 @ 01:02 am
SO. New Job. I've been very mum over the journals, I apologise - it is AMAZING. J, the manager, is phenomenal, and M the assistant manager is a riot. I have one very Cute Coworker who I have to admit, I'm nursing a crush on, but that's okay because she's a sweetie, and she's the CUTEST with her boyfriend. The four of us, if nothing goes wrong, will be the core staff after holidays, according to J. I still need to work on speeding up in the camera room and in editing, but my sales are great, and I AM getting faster, I just need more practise getting the little'uns to do what I want. Though I'm not sure if I'll EVER be able to get down to the 15 minutes for 9-12 poses that will be required come Christmas.

I broke in a new tarot deck today! I got my hands on Zach Wong's Revelations deck a while back (saw it in a used bookstore for, like $12, and had to have it, considering how much I loved Jaqui's deck), and it's just been chillin' in the house, waiting for me to break it out. This was probably a good thing - gave it a chance to release all that energy it picked up from the bookstore and the previous owner, and pick up a lot of our energy here. I did a couple readings for me (one of which I messed up by forgetting what the cards were signifying, and one of which seemed pretty positive on the employment front) and one for Mat, my darling angel upon whom I have currently inflicted Babylon Wood. It was SHOCKINGLY accurate, for what I was expecting and what I was planning, though I was startled by the appearance of the Tower in his spread - I've only ever drawn it once before, I think. Still, not really BAD, just difficult for him, poor bit. But I mentioned the spread to my friend Jenna, who's playing Lily Evans in BW, because Lily showed up in a "foundation/influence" position, as the Queen of Wands.

Jenna actually asked me, then, if I'd read HER cards. Well, I've never really read for other people in a serious way before, so with the caveat that I'm summarising from a book and will possibly be HORRIBLY off, and that it's not an exact science, and so forth, I read her cards. It was... kind of exhilarating, to be perfectly honest, and after just giving the meanings for all the cards in their positions (I mostly use a celtic cross spread - it's my favourite), I offered my own interpretation of the main themes, since she was a little unsettled by the last card (Queen of Wands reversed). So I offered my take on it. Which, honestly, had been building the whole reading, just strengthened by every additional card, so I was pretty confident about it. I'm not going to spout it off here, but it was something I felt very strongly about for some reason - maybe because the spread indicated such a Rachel Berry soul in her, which would not surprise me in the LEAST. Just... I don't know - it made me feel like I did something GOOD. Like I was able to tell her that yeah, these tough things are coming, but you have the strength to handle it, if not in yourself alone, then through the support of your friends.

I don't know, maybe I'm just a silly girl with a deck of pretty cards, pretending to know what I'm doing. But it felt right, and that's something that I can say very rarely about extending my own spiritual knowledge to someone else.

/toddles off to bed

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Beka talked like an alien, and it was BRILLIANT
28 September 2010 @ 08:24 am
So have I mentioned that I got a new job?

I did. Sears Portrait Studio. Seasonal hire.

Did I mention I love it and have been making plans to impress my boss so she keeps me after Christmas?

Yeah, I have been.

So, uh, basically I've been training for just shy of a week, and my boss has already outright TOLD ME that she wants to keep me after Christmas. HOLY CRAP, GUYS, THIS ROCKS. :D

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Beka talked like an alien, and it was BRILLIANT
18 September 2010 @ 08:11 pm
Cut for emotional word vomit that I won't inflict on you if you don't feel like readingCollapse )

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Beka talked like an alien, and it was BRILLIANT
So Aub's dad is getting sent overseas for six months, she's here, her sister's at college, and her brother's going to be staying with her stepmom, so they're cleaning out the house and sending us packages with her stuff. And today came a box full of Aubrey's old school papers, from about 1993-1996. Kindergarten to the beginning of 3rd grade. And, uh...

Well, Aubrey was a very special child.

Cut for hilarity and your sanityCollapse )

And I will end this little trip down memory lane with the epitome of hilarious. The "Jungel Pictures" construction-paper-book full of pages like "leopords love to climb", starts off with the following statement:

"There seems to be no reson for the toucan's beek to be so colorful."

My girlfriend, ladies and gentlemen.

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Beka talked like an alien, and it was BRILLIANT
08 July 2010 @ 12:27 pm
Soooooo y'all may or may not know that an accidental encounter with a gamer on OKCupid led to making a pretty spiffy new friend (who I call Spooky, because I already have one Chris in my life - LOVE YA BB!). A pretty spiffy new friend who lives ONLY AN HOUR AWAY and plays WoW and is ADORABLE and bi and ginger and I just want to pinch his cheeks sometimes.

Today, he is driving up here to hang at the mall. :D! Huzzah!

So nao I go get dressed and drive over there. <3 be good, kids!

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Beka talked like an alien, and it was BRILLIANT
07 July 2010 @ 01:42 am
Uh, so because I'm silly, I'm importing my OLD LJ. The one from, y'know, way back when. It's all under flock, I believe, but if you're friended, then feel free to go marvel at the time when I thought that I was a Good Heterosexual Christian Girl (or GHCG), and witness (part of) my slow decline into debauchery. ;)

Sadly, GJ is long departed, or I'd import that one, too - there's a distinct break between May 2005 and August 2005 where I was ONLY on GJ, and before that, a lot of my less... GHCG moments were on that. Alas, those posts are lost to the sands of time.

Still, it's interesting stuff, if you can sift through the totally inane BS I used to write about. As opposed to NOW, when all my posts are intelligent and interesting, right? ;)

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Beka talked like an alien, and it was BRILLIANT
06 July 2010 @ 11:20 pm
HOKAY SO, Sam over at [personal profile] copperbadge is boosting a signal for a woman with a young son who is trying to get out of an unhealthy and dangerous relationship, and could use some monetary support, via her etsy shop.

Infopost is here, and her etsy shop is at Wearwolf Girls. She's got some awesome stuff, and I've got a necklace reserved until I get my paycheck Thursday, because DAMN. :D Go take a look, and if you can afford it, buy something you like. She could use it.

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