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Ebook Wank?

So apparently there's been ebook piracy wank? Nice roundup here, it's all I've really heard about it, but I wanted to say what I think about it:

I like to support authors I enjoy, and authors I think I might enjoy. Even if the book's crap, the author worked hard on it, and if it were my book, I'd like it if people paid money for my writing.

On the other hand, I can't always afford to buy books, especially when I'm not sure if I'll like the book. I don't download ebooks often, but I have in the past. And if it's that hard for me, what about the people in other countries, developing countries who'd have to pay an arm and a leg and wait for weeks just to get the hard copy. For them, it's really the only logical way to get hold of some books. Sometimes the official ebooks that you pay for aren't available in other countries. Sometimes there just ISN'T an official ebook. Sometimes it has a very specific file format that you need a very specific reader to read.

And, in the end, what I and most writers I know really want is for people to read what we write, and enjoy it. So, y'know, if I ever get published, I'd LIKE it if you paid for the book, but if you can't, it's no big deal. This is me officially saying that you may download my book "unofficially", in the event that a free download is not made available officially (a la [personal profile] copperbadge and Cory Doctrow).

And with that, I wander off to do... something. Maybe play Dragon Age...

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