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So apparently I turned into copperbadge yesterday...


Yesterday (meaning Thursday, since it's only 2am), we decided to do laundry. Well, I decided to do laundry, and Aubrey (to my everlasting gratefulness after the fact) decided to come with me. Now, the reason this was a big deal was that we had to take a probably 30-odd minute hike down the hill to GET to the laundromat, with a heavy bag of laundry on my back. But whatever, it's all good, we're trekking, and within sight of the laundromat parking lot...

When my foot hits the edge of the pavement at just the wrong angle, twists under me, and the full 200+ lbs of me-and-laundry comes down on the side of my ankle.

Cue horrible pain. Seriously, it took everything I had to just turn from hands-and-knees to sitting in the mud while I was sobbing from pain. Poor Aubrey was just trying to get me somewhat coherent and I was mostly just sobbing incoherently because my ankle fucking hurt.

A few members of a local track team (I THINK high school, but possibly from one of the colleges), happened to jog by just about then, apparently. I didn't notice them, all I noticed was suddenly we were surrounded by boys. They were very sweet and flagged down a car going back in the direction of our house, and helped me over to it. The guy I was leaning on was kind of adorably apologetic for being sweaty and smelly - I just said he was helping so I didn't mind. The lady who stopped was also very kind, and helped me get inside after driving us home.

Once I was in bed, we got some ice on it, and I called my friend Laura's mum to see if she could drive us to the convenient care clinic. She did, and was wonderful about it. She got us SUPPER, and took me to the pharmacy afterwards for my pain meds, and got us GROCERIES, and... just was about the next best thing to having my mum actually here.

In the end, it's just a sprain, and I've been kinda drugged up for the past day, so I'm not entirely sure how much it actually hurts. XD I'm on crutches, though, my ankle's still swollen, and getting to work tomorrow is going to be fuuuuuun. -_- I didn't technically have to go in, but I was supposed to be having some training, so I called my photographer in to deal with the customers, and I'm going to sit off on the side with my foot up.

And we STILL don't have any clean laundry.

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