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In Which Beka Purposefully Becomes Sleep Deprived

Okay, so.

I, as I know a lot of you are, have a really funky sleep schedule. Because my body would rather be UP at night, I often can't fall asleep until late, and I end up spending days in a haze because I'm only getting 4-5 hours of sleep for a night, sometimes for days on end. And I've managed to drag myself through those parts, but I rarely come out of it feeling properly rested.

So, after a lot of reading the past couple days, I'm going to dedicate the next month or two to trying to adapt to a polyphasic sleep schedule.

What the fuck is that, you ask? Well, here's what I'm planning to do: Sleep from 1am-4am every night. Get up, fuck around (or maybe even WRITE, gasp shock awe) until 8, at which point I will crawl back into bed for a 20 minute nap. I will nap for 20 minutes again at 2 (on my lunch hour), and then once more at 9pm. First hand accounts report feeling more rested and energetic, and the extra time to be productive would be nice. I don't foresee as many issues staying awake between naps as some people have reported, if only because I'm a bit more used to operating on very little sleep. My one concern is waking up on time, but I like to think I have the willpower for that if it's important, so long as I have Aub get me up or I set multiple alarms. From all accounts, after a couple of months on a regular schedule, I should find it a lot easier to get up.

So, yeah, I'm embarking on an exercise to see if only sleeping 4 hours of ever 24 might make me a happier, more rested person. Or possibly I will go a bit nutty from short-term sleep deprivation. I guess we'll find out, won't we? Wish me luck!

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